Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beautiful friends and places!

It's so great having beautiful friends that will let you take their picture! And to top it all off, we found the most amazing site with the sweetest people! Rip Van Winkle Gardens right outside of New Iberia has an incredible array of plants and the setting is absolutely incredible! So much fun!

A little angel

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Crowne Plaza Couture Bridal Show

Yep, Heart Photography took part in this amazing show at the Crowne Plaza, and we had a blast. It's so much fun meeting and greeting brides to be! The response was overwhelmingly good and I am looking forward to booking some great weddings over the next few months.

These are just a few pictures of our booth all set up and ready to greet brides.

My beautiful cousin!

There is a beautiful arboretum in Baker, LA and I had wanted to do a photo-shoot there for a long time now. The other day I finally found a willing and beautiful model and we had such a good time. Here are just a few of the ones I took. I wasn't able to do much this week besides preparing for the Crowne Plaza Couture Bridal Show. There are definitely more of these pictures to come... Till then, enjoy!

Another sweet bebe!

And she was such a blast. Supper sweet and so expressive. The first one is my favorite I think, but then again, they all came out so good it's really hard to choose. I think after an hour of shooting I left her exhausted. She got very sick of being changed into different outfits and placed in odd containers... :) but I think it was all worth it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bridal Pictures

A photographer can't ask for a more beautiful model. What a blast!

Austin Wedding

Just a few of the gorgeous shots I was able to get at this fabulous wedding!