Friday, September 2, 2011

Engagement Photography - Baton Rouge - Chase and Desiree

I absolutely love it when clients come up with their own original and uniquely fitting ideas for their photoshoot! These two love wine and food and were an absolute blast to photograph partly because they are gorgeous, inside and out, and partly because of the quirkiness of some of the settings we chose. We started out at The Grape, a wine bar in the heart of Perkins Rowe that I'd like to go back to since at the time I refused to partake of their menu. I was determined to give my beautiful clients straight and focused photographs you see ;)

We took a walk around Perkins Rowe and found a couple of great spots, especially the Sur La Table store front.

Then we found our way to Southside Produce, an open air market that sells fresh, locally grown food. Awesome!

And what a better way to end our session than to head back to their beautiful home and prepare a savory meal?

Thank you Chase and Desiree! I had a blast photographing you two!

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