Friday, October 9, 2015

Maternity Portraiture - Let's glam you up!

I've met so many moms who have told me they never took any maternity pictures. It's understandable of course. There are plenty of reasons not to do it: You never find the time, or you feel tired and run down, or you wish you had that perfect pregnant mommy look but feel like you don't. After all you don't FEEL glowy. Well, they are all perfectly valid reasons not to do it. Now go hire a photographer and take those maternity pictures any way.

Your body is busy creating a little human so yeah, you may not have energy for much else but it's worth it! You are immortalizing a time of excitement, anticipation, and youth. You are a young mom. You are fabulous and though you may feel the opposite of glowy, there is an aura of love around you that should be captured in a beautiful portrait.

From soft and dreamy to simple and classic, Heart Photography will provide hair, makeup and a styling consultation to help you achieve the look you want and make you feel like one of those perfect pregnant mommies you so often see in magazines.

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