Monday, November 15, 2010

Beautiful Couisins

It was so great shooting these two. Even if the baby slept through it all... I think it only adds to her angelic look. It was the older cousin's photoshoot, but grandma wanted pictures of the two grandbabies together as well, and I'm so glad she did because I got one of my all-time favorite shots. The older one's eyes are so intense, and the baby sleeps so safely and content...

I love this candid shot. We got the best expressions when she was unaware of the camera, haha.

This was grandma's favorite picture of her. Two years ago I took a picture of her in an orange shirt at the studio and grandma loved it so much she bought her another orange shirt just for this shoot. It goes so great with her beautiful skintone!

Showing off her snazzy outfit! She's very stylish and she sure knows her poses.

Holding hands, so sweet.

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